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Actions to Save Energy

Flex Alerts are urgent, voluntary calls to Californians to conserve electricity and shift demand by using major appliances after 6 pm.

Residential Customers: Learn about additional incentives when you conserve during peak periods on designated days as offered by SCE, PG&E and SDG&E

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Commercial Customers: Sign-up for Demand Response Programs offered by your local utility.

More Energy and Water Saving Tips:


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Today's Energy Outlook

The California ISO's electricity supply and demand graph below displays current system demand (blue solid) plotted against the day-ahead demand forecast (purple) and available supply resources (orange).

1) Today's Outlook     

2) Outlook Details

Flex Meter

View the graph showing how Californians saved by conserving electricity and shifting demand until the evening hours during 2013's July 1-2 heat wave.